MyCorkboard Screen Saver

Personalize your PC with the free award-winning MyCorkboard screen saver! Pick from hundreds of drag-and-drop items to create your own personal design. Add clocks, photos, calendars, sticky notes, to do lists, name plates, phone dialers, animated pets and dozens of amazing gizmos.

We guarantee you'll love it.

Sorry, but I'm Retired!

I became the unofficial mascot of the MyCorkboard screen saver in 1995 -- back when I was a spry young bird.

Unfortunately, as I've gotten older, I no longer have the strength needed to carry the load of maintaining this software with the vigor that I did back in the old days.

I'm retired now, but since so many of you have asked me to keep the download available, I'm doing so below.

I cannot say for sure how well it works on modern-day Windows software; and if something doesn't work, unfortunately, that's the way it's going to remain due to my retirement.

Last I heard, it still worked pretty well on Windows XP.

Originally designed for Windows 95. 2MB Download.

Use this activation key: 7076-0599-3026-0455

Sample corkboards. Some pictured items are from add-on packs.

To Our Many Fans...

MyCorkboard first arrived on the scene in 1995. We started out working on this project back in the Windows 3.1 era and released the product shortly after Windows 95 hit the streets.

After well over one million downloads and countless thousands of emails from fans all over the world, it's simply time to call it a wrap on this project. We greatly appreciate all the kind words from everyone over the years. We've really enjoyed working on this project.

Thank you,

MyCorkbard Developer Team

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